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 Humboldt Park Art Fair

HPAF was created by Graffiti Zone in 2006 to showcase and promote the presence of local
artists of all ages to the community. It is a collaborative effort of artists, Musicians and professionals to create an event that is affordable and open to emerging artists as well as established artists in the area. The art fair was created by Graffiti Zone and  proceeds benefit Graffiti Zone's free after school arts program.

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HPAF 2013                                                                                                       We are looking for visual arts, musicians, film makers, entertainers of all types.
Booths for visual arts and arts organizations are $35 donation. All proceeds to this event go to support Graffiti Zone's free after school programs. Musicians and performs will be chosen by the directors. If you have any problem paying your donation for the booth please request a wavier with your circumstance.

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